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Mrs. Meyer's Clean Home: No-Nonsense Advice That Will Inspire You to Clean Like the Dickens

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Home: No-Nonsense Advice that Will Inspire You to CLEAN like the DICKENS - Thelma Meyer In this day and age where we are trying to encourage people to "go green"and to be more frugal and responsible with our environment and our spending, this book is a very handy guide to doing all of those things.Thelma Meyers has been married fifty-four years and has raised nine children in a small town in Iowa. To honor her good old-fashioned values, her daughter Monica Meyer named her cleaning products after her. The Mrs. Meyer Clean Day products are "powerful against dirt, grease, grime, fingerprints, and the like. The philosophy is to make straightforward, honest cleaners that smell good and work like the dickens on dirt." Mrs. Meyer mentions in the opening pages that it's not only the products you use but the way you clean. She has discovered handy tricks to make daily chores, monthly duties and annual tasks much easier. She used her own experiences to create this book.The early pages consist of lists of supplies, the differences in spring cleaning and fall cleaning, what to clean when, safe products to use and how to organize your priorities. The separate rooms of the house are broken down into individual chapters. A "Toolbox" is listed for each room that recommends the supplies and tools you may need for that area.Although I like to be clean and organized, I don't always like to do the cleaning. Especially this time of year when my three teenage boys and three dogs are tracking in the spring mud and grass clippings and leaving an endless supply of dirty clothes from their jobs and sports. They are helpful in many ways but that doesn't keep them from being slobs. I have learned to live with it and go with the flow. It's not like the dirt is going to go anywhere if I don't get it cleaned up today. It's still going to be there waiting for me tomorrow! I try to prioritize so I don't make myself crazy. My drapes may not always be dusted (I don't even have drapes) but I am at my kids' activities and we have clean laundry. My mother on the other hand is a cleaning maniac and still can do it all! It's not being clean that she has an issue with, it's the act of cleaning that she likes. It's her way of relieving stress and accomplishing chores at the same time. She truly enjoys it. She's very helpful to me and is a good motivator. We did yard work together last weekend and it looked great. I'm never going to be the maniac she is but no one expects me to be. (At least I hope not.)I've also been trying to use more common sense household items that are easy and inexpensive. Rather than buying all of the store products that have ingredients I can't pronounce I've been making good use of white vinegar (mixed in a spray bottle with water it's great for cleaning many surfaces and for removing pet stains) and baking soda (a mild abrasive and odor neutralizer). I have many products that I do buy and they are miracle workers but I can substitute when I need to.This book is a great resource that I recommend to everyone. I'm proud to say that I won't be passing on my own copy. I plan to use it for a long, long time. When it comes to household cleaning advice, nothing beats years of experience. Thank you Mrs. Meyer!Thank you to Cindy from Cindy's Love of Books where I won this book.

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