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I've always loved to read and enjoy a wide variety of genres. My favorites tend to be humor, mysteries, thrillers, chick lit, fantasy, paranormal, dystopian, young adult, children's books and most combinations of those previously mentioned.

The Castaways: A Novel

The Castaways - Elin Hilderbrand I am a sucker for any story about the beach and a beach cover gets my attention immediately! I was in luck with this one. This is perfect for a summer read. At first I thought this would be a cozy little story about couples sharing a beach house. I was so wrong. This is much darker and more complex. Four couples vacation together on the island of Nantucket. Their friendships span many years and they have formed close relationships. But tragedy strikes when one of the couples is killed in an accident. Tess and Greg MacAvoy had recently been plagued by scandal but they were working through it. They went sailing to celebrate their anniversary and mysteriously drowned. Now they are gone and have left behind two young children. What happened?Each chapter of the book is told by a different character. As they tell their own story they also begin to reveal the many layers of the groups relationship. While they have loving, caring friendships they have many secrets as well. As they mourn the loss of Tess and Greg, conflicts begin to arise. The couples seem to remember an idyllic past but now they have troubled marriages. Grief has brought out so many emotions and these people will never be the same.I enjoyed the way this was written and had to keep turning the pages to find out what would happen next. While these people strive for the "perfect" life as individuals they are far from that. I've read where others have described them as flawed and that is a very fitting description. While some of them aren't very likable the author has done a great job of building them through each chapter and making them real. It makes it so much easier to understand their actions and emotions and how difficult their lives have become. As they struggle with serious issues that include adultry and drug addiction, they do try to redeem themselves. This book is a great escape and will take you away to the island of Nantucket.

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