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I've always loved to read and enjoy a wide variety of genres. My favorites tend to be humor, mysteries, thrillers, chick lit, fantasy, paranormal, dystopian, young adult, children's books and most combinations of those previously mentioned.

Casting Spells (Sugar Maple Series #1)

Casting Spells - Barbara Bretton This is first novel in a new series about New England's most unusual town and it's most unusual knitting store. Sugar Maple, Vermont looks like any other small town but when the tourists go home it's a different story. It's inhabited by witches, warlocks, sprites, vampires and an ancient secret. Chloe Hobbs is the owner of a popular knitting shop, Sticks & Strings, where yarn never tangles, you always get your gauge and the knitter sitting next to you only comes out after dark. She is also is the daughter of a sorceress and a human but as yet has no powers of her own. Since she is still single the whole town is casting spells to help her find Mr. Right, whether she wants them to or not. Unfortunately she finds him in human Luke MacKenzie, a cop investigating Sugar Maple's first murder. But as a paranormal woman, how can she have a normal relationship with him?This was such a fun read! It was a cozy mystery with magic and humor and a whole lot of knitting! While the murder is a key element, the budding romance between Chloe and Luke is the real plot. They are obviously attracted to each other but humans aren't suppose to get involved with the magical beings or even know about them. They interact with them often but the residents of this town go to great lengths to disguise their true identities to tourists and other visitors. Chloe has even more pressure to settle down and have children because she is the last member of her family. She must have a daughter to maintain the spell that protects the town and keeps them all safe.The secondary characters were so interesting and eccentric but sweet. They were also quite entertaining. Lilith, the township librarian/historian/secretary is a good-natured, red-haired troll who is married to Archie, another troll who runs the electronic shop. Many and Frank are older vampires who live in a retirement home, ride Rascals around town and use too many Whitestrips on their removable upper plates. Midge runs the local funeral home, is adorable in her hot pink bath robe and hair curlers, and is also a vampire. There is one member of the community who isn't charming and kind. Isadora is a fae who wants the ultimate power and no one will get in her way.This was an enchanting story that moved along fast and flowed from chapter to chapter. The point of view switched easily back and forth between Chloe and Luke and they each are baffled by their electrical attraction to each other. The author obviously has much knowledge of knitting and was very descriptive of the yarns and techniques. I would imagine she creates some beautiful projects! There are also handy knitting tips from her and other authors in the back of the book.

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