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Bride Collector

The Bride Collector - Ted Dekker When I was asked to participate in this tour I jumped at the chance. I'm a newer fan to Ted Dekker's books and I was happy to read and review this one. The action starts on the very first page as the Bride Collector's fourth victim is discovered. Her body was left hanging on the wall of an abandoned shed - beautiful, angelic, drained of all blood and wearing a wedding veil. Her killer is careful and special Agent Brad Raines and forensic psychologist Nikki Holden are frustrated. They know there are plans for three more "brides" and time is running out.Author Ted Dekker takes us along for the ride as the authorities race to prevent any more woman from becoming victims. The early chapters place an emphasis on the forensics of the case with the police and pathologist searching for clues and evidence. The killer is smart and his mistakes are rare. He does leave poems expressing his intentions and his deep religious beliefs. His plans are to love these women and to find the perfect bride. Now Brad and Nikki decide to try a new approach and follow a link and enlist the help of the residents of a private institution for the mentally ill and exceptionally gifted. The story shifts to a psychological approach as we meet the quirky characters who reside at the Center for Wellness and Intelligence. Each of them struggles with various mental illnesses but most of them are also geniuses. Their environment is allowing them to cope and flourish in ways that they have not been able to in the outside world.In alternating chapters we delve into the mind of Quinton, the Bride Collector. We are allowed to follow his madness and his reasoning as he carries out his plans to provide God with seven brides. As a reward for his loyal service he feels he will then be rewarded with a bride of his own. He must adapt and change his routine as Brad and Nikki begin to unravel his plan and he will make it personal.The action and suspense is nonstop and it was hard to put down this book. The occasional surprise kept me on my toes. I enjoyed getting to know these characters and what haunted them. They were interesting, unusual and a great addition to the story. Thiller fans will be captivated by this shocking murder mystery.

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