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Call Me Irresistible

Call Me Irresistible - Susan Elizabeth Phillips Author Susan Elizabeth Phillips has combined secondary characters from several of her other books to give them their own story here."Every book I write stands on its own, which doesn't prevent the characters in one book from wandering into another. Lots of old friends wandered into this one-..."Meg Koranda (Glitter Baby, What I Did For Love) is very likeable and is only trying to help her friend Lucy Jorik (First Lady) avoid a bad decision. Unfortunately she becomes the town punching bag. When the local golden boy, Ted Beaudine (Fancy Pants, Lady Be Good), gets stood up at his wedding the town people punish Meg for it and become down right cruel. I felt so sorry for her and didn't like Lucy for leaving her to deal with it alone or Ted for letting it go on. I didn't like her wealthy parents for abandoning her and totally cutting her off financially. Everyone was so mean!The story was still interesting, often humorous and did promote some strong feelings. Although I felt sorry for Meg she was tough and didn't give up. Since she had no money or resources she was forced to stay in this awful town and earn a living. Although she took care of others it took her time to learn to take care of herself and stand up to people. I was impressed with Meg's, and eventually Ted's, ability to grow and change. And then I started to like Ted and the idea of their hot & steamy relationship.If you like Susan Elizabeth Phillips you won't be disappointed with this story. With her usual formula of romance, humor and conflict she will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride. Stay tuned for another book about one of these characters coming soon!Thank you to HarperCollins for a copy of this book to review.

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