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I've always loved to read and enjoy a wide variety of genres. My favorites tend to be humor, mysteries, thrillers, chick lit, fantasy, paranormal, dystopian, young adult, children's books and most combinations of those previously mentioned.

Cows Can't Jump

Cows Can't Jump - Dave Reisman, Jason A. Maas This is a delightful children's book with a silly, simple story about animals. Did you know that cows can't jump but they can swim? And gorillas can't swim but can swing? The bright and playful illustrations are fun for everyone. Combined with the repetitive verse they offer teachable moments on every page. Little tots will enjoy learning to identify the animals and their special abilities. This is a book that is meant to be shared. My favorite three year-old loved it and we've read it again and again. She took home the boardbook to read herself and I kept paperback copy here for us to keep reading together. I recommend sharing it with the little people in your life!I also received a nice note from the author on adorable cow stationary. And there was a matching cow return address label! I'll be keeping those forever along with my book.Thank you to the publisher for autographed paperback and boardbook editions to review.

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