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My Robots: The Robotic Genius of Lady Regina Bonquers III

My Robots: The Robotic Genius of Lady Regina Bonquers III - Johan Olander A few years ago I reviewed the children's book A Field Guide to Aliens by Johan Olander. I loved it and was also lucky enough to win these terrific prints! When the author contacted me recently asking if I would like to review his newest release I was happy for the chance to read it. I have always Enjoyed this type of book. Not only is there an interesting story but the illustrations are in a variety of media and are amazing. Even inside the cover the images of assorted tools and supplies scattered on graph paper that's covered with notes, sketches and smudges introduces the reader to a mechanical delight. Each page gives the appearance of a bulletin board, the borders are trimmed with gears and grommets. Sketches and notes are attached to the board complete with tattered edges, wrinkles, thumbtacks and tape. It's such a creative design with so many fun details!The work belongs to Lady Regina Bonquers III, the world's greatest robot maker. Apparently she disappeared in 1972, leaving behind an empty castle in Scotland. Two young relatives eventually found her sketchbooks, diaries and notes and gave them to the author to compile into this book. The notes describe the different robots she created. The Chore Master X2000 had a variety of attachments (including the Flexgripper robot hand) to make it easier to help around the house. The Babysitter Bot was programmed to be a friend and babysitter and had an extra set of arms. The Auto Clown was designed to be an entertainer complete with magic tricks and multiple skills. Unfortunately, an unexpected mean streak took this model out of commission. While designated as a children's book there is something for everyone here. If the text is a bit complicated for the little ones the drawings are sure to get their attention. And as a grown up, I like it all! I know my nine year-old nephew will really enjoy this book but he will have to read this one at my house. Quirky, charming and clever - it's a keeper!Thank you to the author for a copy of this book to review.

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