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Question for ereader users...


Help! I have enjoyed my Nook Color for a few years and recently upgraded to a Nook HD+ 9" Tablet. I got a great deal and I'm really having fun with it. My mom got one too! But we are having trouble finding covers for them. Two years ago I found a nice package deal on ebay for my Nook Color that included a cover, 2 screen protectors, 3 rubber skins, ear phones and other wires, etc. It wasn't fancy but it had accessories I needed and it was all less than $20. For my Nook Tablet I think I want one that rotates vertically and horizontally and includes screen protectors and possibly a stylus or two as well. I've been looking for deals on ebay again but there are so many to choose from it's overwhelming! I just need to get these ordered so we can use our tablets more easily. Since there are so many smart and friendly readers here I wondered if any of you had some good suggestions?


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